Tattoo Regret-Your Not Alone

Do you regret getting that overly large skull on the side of your leg or how about the tribal theme wrapped around your upper chest to your arms. Yeah this can attract unwanted attention and negative comments. That is why a tattoo fader has been developed to help reduce your ugly body art.

There are over 20 products on the market that have been developed to fade the look of your tattoo. To see some of the top performing products on the market, please visit

Here you can read on the highlights of the product and its overall marketing strategy to help reduce the appearance of your tat. However, do not use products that contain ingredients that fade your tat in a dangerous way.

Be careful when looking for a tattoo fading product. Some may contain ingredients like TCA, Hydroquinone, and Cashew Nut Oil which creates a skin reaction and helps break up a tattoo by making your skin peel.

The ingredient Hydroquinone is very harmful to the body and is banned in several European countries because of its harmful side effects. Be sure to stay away from products that use this ingredient or you may suffer from skin cancer in the future.

TCA is a form of acid that penetrated the epidermis and breaks up the color pigment of your tattoo. It also stimulates new skin cells so that over time your tattoo is faded and new skin is exposed. TCA in strong concentrations can irritate the skin and can promote redness, dryness and flaking of the skin. Be careful as this form of acid should be administered by a professional.

Cashew Nut Oil is intended to promote a skin reaction when used with the ingredient Carcia Extract. This stimulates the production of new skin cells and they body sheds the existing ones, which is how your tattoo begins to fade! This skin reaction can promote scabs and possibly scarring on the skin. Products like Evanesco use this approach. To learn more about this product and its ingredients, refer to a site like to read reviews.

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