Best Tips for Sagging Neck Skin

It’s a struggle to keep our bodies from showing the signs of Aging and as such we should not neglect our neck skin. You might have noticed that your neck skin is not sagging it, might even look creped, and appear dull.   You are not alone in this struggle as many people, both men and women develop saggy neck skin. While we tend to focus on our fine lines and wrinkles your neck skin can play a huge factor in the way we look, often showing our age more than anything else. So you might be wondering, is there anything I can do about tightening my neck skin? Absolutely! I’m going to share with you my best tips for sagging neck skin, because your might want to enhance the appearance of your neck, you want to appear tight and firm just like it was a few year ago.

First lets go over some key notes about why your skin starts to sag, feel dull . As you age your lymphatic glands which aid your body in flushing toxins from your body skin, slow down with elastic support. This can cause your complexion to diminish, and it leads your skin to look puffy , dull, and droopy. Lymph circulation slow down your body produces less collagen and oestrogen in women’s bodies , which helps the skin stay in place keeping it perky and tight. Collagen breaks down which can cause the watery gel that makes up your skin dehydrated.

To combat these things that occur you must keep your skin hydrated, applying moisturizers and creams to the area can help you to fight these symptoms. However it may be more beneficial to you to look at for creams that are specifically marketed for the delicate neck area. Many of their creams are marketed toward making saggy neck skin feel, and appear firmer and tighter.   They have creams that hydrate skin, and even help your neck appear more toned. is marketed as neck and chest cream that will help your saggy skin look and feel tighter and firmer.

In addition to using neck creams can start doing neck massage which is known to help stimulate the lymphatic glands and can help with lymphatic drainage. You can use a neck cream and for better results pair it with neck massage or even neck exercise to improve the appearance of your neck skin.

Signs Of Aging – Why do we Age?

Let’s face it, our skin starts to sag as we age. This unfortunately includes our neck, face, and the rest of our body, and given the sands of time the skin in those areas will start to look creped, dull, and can start to feel rough and saggy. Your genetics play a large role in how your body ages but did you know that there are things you can do to help reduce the signs of aging?

While the aging process, and why we age are still a large mystery to us, scientists do know a large amount about the processes the skin goes through as we get older. Aging can be accelerated with stress, smoking, and drinking which are all things that put a strain on your body. While many times we don’t think about it the little stresses in life have started to prematurely age you. If you have lived in a predominately stress-free environment your entire life it could be from over consumption of things like cigarettes which have many negative side effects especially with continued use.

Another reason we age are because of free radicals, which are chemically unstable molecules that damage our DNA, now I’m not going to get to science-ie on you but free radicals are found in trans- fats, cigarettes, hydrogenated oils, charred meats and are even present in small doses of the air we breathe. Eating more fruits and vegetables can help to fight against free radicals as they are high in anti-oxidants.

The next big thing our body does naturally but can cause us to age faster is inflammation, which is usually a healthy part of the bodies system, it can however become over active. You bodies inflammation is usually an immune system response to kill foreign invaders but sometimes our body starts to attack healthy cells and tissue. This can cause many issues like high cholesterol, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.   Eating a healthier dies free of the free radicals we mentioned above as well incorporating anti-inflammatory foods into your diet like the turmeric spice, or chocolate, really dark chocolate with at least 70% cacao, blue berries, and omega-3 fatty acids, found in fish like salmon, or walnuts.

In addition to healthy diets, exercise is very beneficial to anti-aging, as moving your body helps with blood circulation, and being active help reduce free radicals and stress.