Best Skin Care Tips For Scarring

You woke up and rolled out of bed-your typical morning routine. As you begin your day with your usual steps- taking a shower, brushing your teeth and styling your hair… you didn’t think about what could happen next… As soon as you walk out your front door in a rush to make it to work on time..You trip over some shoes and skin your knee on the concrete floor outside your front door.

If being tired and late as it is was not a bad enough start…Now you’re dealing with a skinned-up bloody knee. Now you have to run back inside and get the bandages and hydrogen peroxide to clean the wound. This is just the beginning of what can happen next to your skinned knee.

As the next few days go by, your body will try to heal itself. This means the body will go through its natural healing process of developing a scab, which may leave a scar after the scab is completely healed. Do not pick the scab as it can interrupt the body’s healing process and can make matters worse. Often times the body can use some extra help to make sure it heals properly. Refer to sites like to see options on the market that can help improve the look of scarring, if a scar may develop.

It is important to watch the skin on your skinned knee so you can help reduce the appearance of scars. The best skincare tips for scars are using products that are made of 100% silicone. Silicone has been shown to improve the look and feel of scars in just weeks if used as directed. Be sure to review the manufacturers recommended usage tips. Some products are not intended for use on open wounds.

Scar products are available in creams, serums, silicone sheeting and even oils. Find out more on the best skincare tips for scar 2018.

A well known cream is Revitol scar cream. To read reviews on this products and to see how much it costs, please visit alternative websites on the web like

Another thing to consider as your scar is healing is wearing protective clothing and even sunscreen so environmental factors like the sun do not interrupt the healing process of your scar. The sun and its strong UVA/UVB rays can promote additional health risks especially since the skin has already been damaged and is more sensitive than usual.

Scar Improvement Tips 2016

Scar improvement is a daunting task. Not everyone’s body heals the same and not everyone achieves the same results from using treatment options like surgery, dermabrasion or fillers. You may want to learn some information on these treatments and their costs before running out and buying one. Visit sites like or read the information provided below for a quick summary.

1. Scar Surgery- The sound of this term is exactly what it means. You are using a form of surgery to reduce the size of your scar. However, after surgery you will still develop scarring, it just may be smaller in size. This is because you are cutting open the skin to perform a tightening or tucking procedure and the skin will have to go through its natural healing cycle. This is often helpful for hypertrophic scars. This procedure can costs hundreds to even thousands of dollars and the end result will still be a form of scarring.

2. Dermabrasion- There is two types of dermabrasion treatments (crystals or diamond). Both use are intended to dermabraid the skin so that it removes the upper layers or top layer of the epidermis. This stimulates cell turnover so that new skin is formed and the damaged skin is broken up. This treatment can cost anywhere from $40-100’s of dollars.

3. Injection Fillers- These are intended to fill gaps in the skins tissue so it does not have a pitted look. This is often used on scars such as acne pitted scars. Fillers can last for several months and then more injections will be needed. This can cost $30-$100 + depending on how many syringes you will need.

Simply resorting to a scar surgery, dermabrasion or filler treatment is not always the safest and inexpensive way to go. That is why alternatives like scar creams and scar serums have been developed. These products are often inexpensive and less invasive than treatment options. There are several options on the market. To read about a well-known scar gel, please read this review .