Tips For Healthy Skin

Water and diet are the two important key factors when it comes to aging and being healthy. Great looking skin depends on what you eat and what you drink. That saying “you are what you eat” that has truth behind it. If all you did was eat greasy fast-food, didn’t exercise and only has sodas for your beverage then several health issues could arise. You could suffer from obesity, diabetes, malnutrition and your body can trigger acne or other skin concerns. Drinking water is the best thing for you.

Water makes up 70% of the human body and it its 80% of a baby’s body. Water is critical so we do not become dehydrated. Also, water does not contain toxins and it helps eliminate toxins in the body. Also water is what nourishes skin cells so that they can be healthy.

Also, eating the necessary dairy, fruits, grains, vegetables and meats is important in balancing a healthy diet and is one tip to success for healthy skin. If you eat the proper portion of these foods you will remain fit and slim. You will not suffer from stretch marks unlike those who eat unhealthy and gain weight.

Healthy skin is important because it makes you look and feel great. You will have more energy by eating healthy and you will have radiant skin. Junk food slows your metabolism down and you will not have as much energy or feel as good about your body.

Although diet and water can improve the look of your skin, exercise is important to. Just 30 minutes a day can make a big difference. If you don’t want to exercise alone ask your friend to go to the gym with you or take your dog for a walk. It is beneficial for the both of you.

However, if you notice your skin is starting to suffer from poor diet and lack of water, then try a meal plan to keep you organized and on track. Don’t think of it as a diet, but as a lifestyle change to improve how you feel about your body.

Tattoo Regret-Your Not Alone

Do you regret getting that overly large skull on the side of your leg or how about the tribal theme wrapped around your upper chest to your arms. Yeah this can attract unwanted attention and negative comments. That is why a tattoo fader has been developed to help reduce your ugly body art.

There are over 20 products on the market that have been developed to fade the look of your tattoo. To see some of the top performing products on the market, please visit

Here you can read on the highlights of the product and its overall marketing strategy to help reduce the appearance of your tat. However, do not use products that contain ingredients that fade your tat in a dangerous way.

Be careful when looking for a tattoo fading product. Some may contain ingredients like TCA, Hydroquinone, and Cashew Nut Oil which creates a skin reaction and helps break up a tattoo by making your skin peel.

The ingredient Hydroquinone is very harmful to the body and is banned in several European countries because of its harmful side effects. Be sure to stay away from products that use this ingredient or you may suffer from skin cancer in the future.

TCA is a form of acid that penetrated the epidermis and breaks up the color pigment of your tattoo. It also stimulates new skin cells so that over time your tattoo is faded and new skin is exposed. TCA in strong concentrations can irritate the skin and can promote redness, dryness and flaking of the skin. Be careful as this form of acid should be administered by a professional.

Cashew Nut Oil is intended to promote a skin reaction when used with the ingredient Carcia Extract. This stimulates the production of new skin cells and they body sheds the existing ones, which is how your tattoo begins to fade! This skin reaction can promote scabs and possibly scarring on the skin. Products like Evanesco use this approach. To learn more about this product and its ingredients, refer to a site like to read reviews.

Scar Improvement Tips 2016

Scar improvement is a daunting task. Not everyone’s body heals the same and not everyone achieves the same results from using treatment options like surgery, dermabrasion or fillers. You may want to learn some information on these treatments and their costs before running out and buying one. Visit sites like or read the information provided below for a quick summary.

1. Scar Surgery- The sound of this term is exactly what it means. You are using a form of surgery to reduce the size of your scar. However, after surgery you will still develop scarring, it just may be smaller in size. This is because you are cutting open the skin to perform a tightening or tucking procedure and the skin will have to go through its natural healing cycle. This is often helpful for hypertrophic scars. This procedure can costs hundreds to even thousands of dollars and the end result will still be a form of scarring.

2. Dermabrasion- There is two types of dermabrasion treatments (crystals or diamond). Both use are intended to dermabraid the skin so that it removes the upper layers or top layer of the epidermis. This stimulates cell turnover so that new skin is formed and the damaged skin is broken up. This treatment can cost anywhere from $40-100’s of dollars.

3. Injection Fillers- These are intended to fill gaps in the skins tissue so it does not have a pitted look. This is often used on scars such as acne pitted scars. Fillers can last for several months and then more injections will be needed. This can cost $30-$100 + depending on how many syringes you will need.

Simply resorting to a scar surgery, dermabrasion or filler treatment is not always the safest and inexpensive way to go. That is why alternatives like scar creams and scar serums have been developed. These products are often inexpensive and less invasive than treatment options. There are several options on the market. To read about a well-known scar gel, please read this review .